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A multidisciplinary Clinic in Peterborough, ON that offers Concussion management, Chiropractic, Acupuncture and Massage Therapy.

"...Without Dr. Bolton’s urging, I never would
have taken Alee back to the ER, and goodness
knows where we might’ve been otherwise! We hope to
get her home soon..." 

On behalf of our 11-year-old daughter Alethea, my husband and I would like to

gratefully acknowledge Dr. Bolton, and his assistant Holly, for their diligence and care!


Without Dr. Bolton’s urging, I never would have taken Alee back to the ER,

and goodness knows where we might’ve been otherwise! We hope to get

her home soon. The physicians at SickKids were, like yourself and Dr. Jamieson,

very worried about Alethea due to indications of possible carotid dissection —

or some other vascular or right-sided TBI issue from the equestrian accident in

late September (affecting her left side and making that side weaker).


The brain MRI did find a lesion that their neurosurgery team will be

following-up with. And their neuro-opthamology team will be addressing

eye issues, and psychiatry and social work are on board with diagnosis

of severe depression compounded with PTSD.  They’ve advised a 4-6 week

brain rehabilitation program at Holland-Bloorview, complete with physiotherapies

and additional speech-language pathologist support.


Dr. Jamieson will be overseeing things in tandem with the SickKids and

Holland-Bloorview teams. As there is more going on than just a concussion,

we may not be back to see you just yet.  

However, I will be referring EVERYONE I know to see you!


My husband, who is a sub-specialist, fully admits that he had an unfounded

prejudice about chiropractors(!). But he extends an apology and a hand of

friendship to you, for catching something that not only went under the radar

of other physicians—but includingEliot himself, who has been watching his

precious Alee so closely since the accident.  


Dr. Jamieson was so very wise to have referred Alee to you.

 And we owe you—and Dr. Jamieson—a debt of gratitude that cannot

ever be truly captured with mere words. Wishing blessings to you and your

family and your team at the Peterborough Concussion Clinic,


-Kyla Gutsche and Alethea (and big brother Alex!) and Eliot Beaubien 


Peterborough Concussion Clinic 

Advanced Health & Wellness is very excited to say that Dr. Jeff Bolton is now providing Evidence-based Concussion Management. 

Peterborough Concussion Clinic is a new division of the Advanced Health & Wellness Clinic. 

You can find out more on our Peteborough Concussion Clinic Website. Book your appointment Today!

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